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rats-nyc and politicans Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu well let me see if i can stir up da watters a bit again --- not understand folks, this is all said wit toung in cheek or --- well i am still laughing.

so here goes ---- (fyi i'm feel great tonite cuz i won another victory against a bunch of --- well i won anuter one......

anyways new yawk city politicans -- or who what ever ya wanna call em---have delcared war on rats. ya no dem ferry long tailed litter creactures ya can put a saddle on and ride em inta da sun set??????-----

well wot i wanna noz is has da politicans declared war on da four legged kind o rat???/ or da two legged kinda rat??? hmmmmmmmm!!!

if it is da two legged kind --- den hows about declaring war on da two legged kind in da nations capitol???

rich(wit four fingers slowley going da way of ????

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