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Go Away Bill and Hillary Clinton Ken Parese PoTown (That lasted for 3 1/2 hours.)

I'm truly sorry that you were "bugged", Bob, I also would like for the past issues to go away...but we here in NY in general, and SI, Westchester and Dutchess Counties, specifically will be feeling the fallout for a long time to come, and so will the our global friends and allies.

I had the deepest respect for you, Bob, and that was fortified by our very nice get together in S.F. in April after a 40+ year "break". I will continue to speak my mind as you do, and will continue to controvert issues and will NOT attack any individual.

StatNislanders and all other NYawkers will vote in November and it's hoped that they go to the polls in record numbers!

(r.s. "He's got six months to go. All he can do is to try to do a little good to make up for the mess he made. So he tries to broker peace in seemingly impossible situations. Since no one really expects him to succeed, any little good that comes out of Ireland-Northern Ireland, Israel-Palestine, looks terrific and polishes up the historical image.")

Speaking of the fallout, let's look at current events from as late-breaking as this past week.

On Thursday, July 6, 2000, Clinton called for Mideast talks at a Summit at Camp David inviting Israel's Barak and Palestine's Arafat.

On Monday, July 10, Israel's governing body majority gave Barak a no-confidence vote regarding the negotiations and essentially rendered Barak impotent.

Cause and effect? Sure looks like it!

I believe and think that there's an issue of trust and fear...the Israelis do not trust our President..and they fear that Clinton is attempting to pull Barak's strings in order to cement his own legacy.


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