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Go Away Bill and Hillary Clinton Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs What got me, I think, was the canned aspect of the propaganda, so late in the game. Clinton is gone. He's got six months to go. All he can do is to try to do a little good to make up for the mess he made. So he tries to broker peace in seemingly impossible situations. Since no one really expects him to succeed, any little good that comes out of Ireland-Northern Ireland, Israel-Palestine, looks terrific and polishes up the historical image.

It bugged me to see Parese, who is perfectly capable of crafting his own critique of Clinton, sending along what someone else wrote as though this were the last word that proved what we already knew. But having known it, some before the first election of Clinton, and some before the second election of Clinton, we still elected him. Not only that, after we impeached him, we let him off the hook as a matter of the national good, if not the Clinton good.

I guess we decided to take the good along with the bad figuring, on balance, we could live with the bad and would take advantage of the good, considering who else was available.

That's the way we tend to operate.

How 'bout if I rummage around for a lovely screed someone wrote decrying the evils of, say, Nixon. It would be interesting, truthful, harsh, strident, unoriginal, and irrelevant.

Sort of like the joke lists we see around here from time to time, only in the political category.

Seems to me we ought to write our own stuff here instead of passing along the canned crap, at length and ad nauseam.

Seems to me that if you don't write it yourself, and it's old, to boot, what have you really accomplished? Shilling for the composer or the faction he belongs to?

Seems to me we can do better than that. We ought to try at least, if we want to keep this site lively, fresh, and a reflection of how we StatNislanders feel, think, and express ourselves.


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