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Todd Rundgren Brian Cullen Ace328bc I can definitely appreciate getting to meet someone you truly admire. I have met people in entertainment and sports that I have been a fan of and with the exception of one person who wound up being a jerk I must say the stars I have met are really fine people. In the music field I am a big fan of the blues guitarist Sarasota Slim, and he has been nothing but kind and accommodating, autographing his cds and actually gave my wife an 8x10 that he autographed on the spot-she asked him how much and he smiled and said, "I wouldn't ask money for that!" I have also met the professional wrestling star, the Undertaker, and although he is billed as "The American Badass", stands easily 6'10, weighs in excess of 300 lbs. and is covered with tattoos, he is one of the nicest people you could meet. It is always rewarding to be treated kindly by a personal hero, as I think it elevates them even further in your personal opinion.

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