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Go Away Bill and Hillary Clinton Ken Parese PoTown rs..."About what I'd expect out of Ozark, Alabama."

kp..stereotyping??? (There are three other cites that can't be ignored or taken out of context).

rs..."A People gets the leadership they deserve."

kp..they also get lottsa chances to make things right.

rs..."Wait'll you see what's next."

kp..Can't wait..sure would like to be as equal a soothsayer...but surely the office of the presidency cannot sink any lower.

rs.."You want saints, go to church.
We don't put saints in the White House. Never did, hope we never will."

kp..Wm. Shakespeare said it best in Hamlet: "The Devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape" (..and the Devil's advocate?)

rs: "He may have been a loose cannon, but he was our loose cannon."

kp: Irrelevant!

rs: "But when he got himself pointed in the right direction he was effective."

kp: How could he be pointed in the right(or left)direction if it's a non-stop spin?

rs: "PS Was the writer a disappointed Democrat or one of the "vast right wing conspiracy" we heard mentioned?"

kp: Ask him. But, at risk of repeating, there are three other cites for sources that cannot be ignored in the argument!!

Best regards, rs.

Nu-Brightonite from PoTown

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