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Not all the revelers on the main deck were enjoying the party. For OT, the boat ride to Manhattan was a harbinger of impending doom. She was on her way to be married at St. John the Divine's, spend her honeymoon at Grossinger's and then move into an apartment on Central Park West.

Her father, Captain Brown, had forced her to accept the marriage proposal of Richard Raven, a wealthy SI banker... But a man she didn't love. Although Richard Raven was an affluent man he was a drunken lecher and Dweeb...the two things OT detested more than anything else in the world. (Lecher, Ok, but drunken lecher...never!)

Five minutes after the Mary Murray left the St. George slip, OT escaped from the main deck and went aft and down to the lower deck. It was her intention to climb over the back passenger gate and throw herself into NY harbor.

She already had one leg over the gate, when a male voice behind her called out: "I wouldn't do that if I were you, Miss!". Not turning around, she told the voice to mind his own business, it was her life, and she could do what she wanted with it.

The voice said: "Well Miss, if you jump overboard, I'll be forced to throw you a life preserver, and since this boat has only enough for 50% of the passengers, you'd be depriving someone who might really need one ." "What makes you think they'll need it?" asked OT. The voice replied, "Are you kidding? With BarNACLe Bill driving, what are the odds that we'll get to Manhattan dry? He's already got the engines cranked up to maximum turns and look at that crooked's weaving like a Wagner student leaving the Hofbrau after cutting classes on Friday afternoon."

"Well, you don't understand how hard it will be for me. The man I'm being forced to marry does not want to live on SI. He considers SI a place for country bumpkins and has let me know that after the marriage, I will never be allowed to go back. I will become a "bird in a gilded cage"." said OT, and put her other leg over the gate. The voice replied: "Well, miss, take a good look at that water. See how polluted it is? If you jump overboard, you will swallow all that raw sewage coming out of those pipes you see there. Have you ever swallowed raw sewage? If you're unlucky enough NOT to drown, the people who fish you out will take you to Halloran hospital and you'll be forced to take a series of anti-hepatitis shots, among others."

The voice's last sentence caused OT to change her mind about jumping overboard...But the very thought of the big needle they would use on her was enough to make her swoon. She lost her balance and started to fall forward into NY harbor.

A pair of strong hands grabbed for her and.......

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