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1960s TV Show Dave Troland trollman I don't know who made those little bottles, but I think there were little Coca Cola sixpacks also. As I remember them, the wax bottles were a combination of carnauba and sucrose - mmmm...yummy. Nutrition!

Funny Face drinks flavors were Lefty Lemon, Ollie Orange, Goofy Grape and (I think)Choo Choo Cherry. There were others too that I can't recall.

Does anybody remember Holtermann's delivery trucks going door to door? We had a guy named Harry who used to take me for a ride down to the corner in his truck. At the time I thought that was the coolest. He would bring a tray to the door of that day's options - Coconut Buns, Crumb Cake, Old Timer Bread, Pecan Ring, Walnut Ring, Cheese Buns, Pound Cake and my favorite Corn Toasties.

Are there any psychologists on this site that could tell me why I remember all this useless crap?


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