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Father & Son Combat Aircrewman - CAPT R. Schultz Charles Schleininger corsair "Bread, born & natured on sea stories by
his "airdale" father, John A. Oubre longed
to be like his dad. He fostered two
dreams. The first ... to fly. The second ... to
become a Marine. ...

...he not only became a Marine, he
qualified as a Combat Aircrewman in
Vietnam. The Oubres are believed to be
a rare duo: the only father & son qualified
as Combat Aircrewman. ...

During WWII, John B. flew in PBY's in
VP-84, providing ASW coverage from
Argentina, Newfoundland, & Reykjavik,
Iceland, protecting Merchant Marine
convoys traversing the North Atlantic.
Additionally, VO-84 flew mercy medical
missions. The squadron operated their
Catalinas through snow squalls,
blizzards, icing conditions, & near- zero
visibility. In the process, VP-84 inflicted
severe damage upon German wolf packs
... From November 1942 through May
1943 VP-84 was credited with six
confirmed kills. ...

Young Obre served three tours of duty in
Southeast Asia. Assigned to HMM-361,
he flew medvac missions plus insertion,
extraction & resupply flights. The
squadron operated from Marble Mountain
flying H-34 helicopters. The most
memorable occurred on May 7, 1968.

As his H-34 neared an emergency
medvac pick-up point ... the pilot, asked ...
the ground troops what direction the
ground fire at the landing zone was
coming from. '360 degrees!' came the ...
reply. ...

They went in, gathered up the wounded ...
& lifted off. As the H-34 was climbing, its
hydraulic system was hit, forcing the helo
back to earth. After landing Oubre ... set
up his M-60 machine gun as the crew
called for air support. When it arrived,
aircraft dropped bombs & napalm, the
latter landing so close ... they could feel
the heat.

... Oubre took a hit through his right
biceps. ...

Oubre was wounded again, in the arm,
when Marble Mountain came under attack
a few days later. ... his second Vietnam
tour was with MABS 16 at Marble
Mountain. ... he underwent another tour ...
at Bien Hoa ...

John A. said his father 'had always been -
& still is - his hero.' ...'I know the older I
get, the more like you I get. After reading
all your commendations, it looks like I
was like you when I was younger as far
as devotion to duty, loyalty & honor was
concerned. I just hope I can instill those
traits in my sons so they will be as
successful as you made me. Thanks!
Love, John.'

... his son, Michael ... graduated from
Marine Corps boot camp ... 1999."

Wings of Gold - winter 1999

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