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1960s TV Show Dave Troland trollman That reminded me of that other taffy that was pink and white and blue and came wrapped in waxed paper. It was a monstrous thing, about 10 inches by 4 inches and wafer thin. A Ha!! That makes me think of Necco Wafers (we used to use them as mock "hosts" for communion!)and of course SweetTarts.

Others - Junket Pudding, Shake-a-Puddin, Circus Peanuts (banana flavored orange wads of fluff that ends up hard and crusty if left out too long), Mexican Hats, Paper Dots (you know what they are), Sky Bar (four sections - caramel, marshmallow, fudge and milk chocolate), Lik-m-Stix (purple tongues), Wax Bottles and frozen PushUp Pops (blue was my favorite flavor).

Anyone remember Weissglass Milk deliveries? One summer they had other drinks in cardboard cartons for sale:
Sour Sam (lemonade) Pirates Gold (orange drink) and Jungle Juice (fruit punch).

Now here's one for y'all - what were the flavors of Funny Face drink mixes?


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