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Custard's Last Stand Dan Blaine DBLIVIT Polevoy pulled out a summons book and began to write DerGott up. The tracer of lost rocks walked over and said to the game warden: “Say Serge, the last time I saw you at Flagg’s pond I believe you dropped these out of your pocket.” With that he handed the game warden a handful of gold nuggets. Polevoy’s eyes almost popped out and he quickly put the summons book back in his pocket. Flora came over and invited the game warden to have supper with them, as they had plenty of fish to spare. Polevoy accepted and they all sat down to a fine meal.

Later that night, Tonto came riding up and told Kimosavee that he had arranged safe passage through the pass for the stage coach and all the passengers. However, he had to give Chief Sitting-in-BS the silver key chain charm from Al Deppe’s as a guarantee that the white men would not pollute the waters of Crow Creek or deface the sacred rocks of the Vedawoo for “as long as the winds would blow, and the rivers would flow”.

The coach got underway the next morning and the day passed without incident. As they came down the steep decline onto the Laramie plain, there was one last defile of gigantic granite boulders that they had to narrowly scrape through. They were going so slowly that the temptation was too great for Joe Smith, who had a penchant for posting his graffiti whenever he had a chance. Clandestinely taking a can of spray paint out of his jacket pocket, he reached out the window and sprayed “The Beagle Boys were here!” in large block letters. This was the same expression he had painted many years ago on the concrete dam at Brooks Pond on SI. In fact, many believed it was this deed, and not his belief in polygamy that got him banned from SI.

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