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~~~Big Brother~~~ ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ Hi Rich,

Thank You for the ~Welcome Back~ to the....ahhhh...funny farm! *LOL* (BTW do you remember that song????)

Re the Survivor Show: *EEK* Do you really think it's phoney??? Like I said in one of my previous posts, I *do* think that all of the contenders are trying to put their best foot forward. Without a doubt I believe that. However, other than that, I really don't think it's any phonier than any other public display in life.

As for the eating of the rat: Whoa! Did you really do that??? YUCKO! It makes me glad that I'm an almost (but not entirely) vegetarian.

Out of curiosity, what propelled you to take that Survival Course? You stated that you took it at age "28" which is highly significant in the Astrological Domain as that's what's known as the "Saturn Return". In laymens' terms' it's the "return" of Saturn to the same point as it was in the Natal Chart. Saturn's orbit is 28 years (give or take a bit). The interpretation of that cosmic happening is that there is a re~establishing of ones "self" and what one considers their personal "boundaries". That's why statistically, many first time marriages (or becoming parents for the first time) occur at the age of 28.

Anyway, I do applaud your courage and stamina for taking that course and I don't blame you a bit for not wanting to ever take it again.

As for my viewing of the new shows: Yep! I will indeed be enjoying them! *S*

Viva La Difference!


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