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Wats DA Matter Harry White Harry da Hammer I find the development of this string to be quite interesting.
I do not think that all posts need/deserve a response. I frequently post something because it is on my mind as I did when I made the original post. If someone responds to something that I post I do not feel the need/responsibility to respond back. If I respond to a post it is because something moved me to respond at the time. Many more readers than posters log on to this site. This is "The Posters Corner" something like "The Speakers Corner" in London. Speak freely or read to enjoy. All opinions welcome. Do not expect everyone to agree with your opinion. Do not get upset if they do not agree. You can be sure that what you have posted has made the reader think even if there is no response.
In my opinion we need a balance of light and serious posts. I enjoy both. My favorite posts are those that bring back memories of growing up on the Island
I do not care what you call it, dinner or supper, and I do not care what is being served, gravy or sauce, just tell me what time we eat and where.

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