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Church Bazaars ~ School Bazaars Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu yea i know wot ya means. i was alwasy cutting release time on wednesday afternoons. see da fawthers was always trying ta get me ta religious classes every wednesday afternoon sos they cud teach me religion. well i always found a way ta get lost.

one time in da spring, fawther collins came a looking fer me and found me up on south avenue fishing in one of my fishin holes. well need i tell ya, my left ear was nearly yanked off. he had me back at da church studding till 8 pm. he even called me mom up and told her wheres i was and he would bring me home.

anyways, when i got home, i got a toung lashing like i never hear before.

well da following weeks i skipped again and still got inta trouble. now look at me --- my wife says i'm a gonna ta hell if i don't reform or sometin. heck, dem guys don't want me down there cuz theys noz imma gonna take over and make big changes.

anyways have a great day


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