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~~~Big Brother~~~ Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu hi ya donna, welcome back to da funny farm....

re surviour show. i watched two shows and both time came to the same conclusion ---- phoney as a clinton three dollor bill.

woopie doooo de doooo dooooooo. so they ate a rat. wow weee, i did that and more on a survival course i took when i was 28 years old. spent two weeks in the arondaracks with a bowie knife, 25 foot clothes line and one gallon canteen of water. i had no matches. i actually didn't need them because my coke bottle glasses worked great for starting a fire.

anyway i survived the two weeks (there were three of us) i lost about 20 pounds at the time but was found to be in good health when it was over. it was an experience i hope not to have to do again.

anyways the show was a t best entertaining thats all.

i have not seen big brother yet and i don't thing i will, but you should enjoy.


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