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hey rs what use barristers doing now? Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs I'm not saying "Don't post 'em," I'm just saying "No need to put my name, and occupation, on the item."

I'll give you a little challenge: Post it under the title "Another legal inanity by Rich" and then explain why you think it's nuts without using a label such as "nuts," "crazy," "stupid," "idiotic," or the like.

A bright guy like you could do it, but I'm tellin' ya, it takes work to explain what you think is wrong about it.

This way you get the credit for unraveling the puzzle and if I don't feel like responding, I'm under no obligation.

I figure that since I'm here to have fun and not to work, we don't have to broadcast my occupation unnecessarily.

No harm done.


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