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*LOL* While I don't personally think the new "Big Brother" and "Survivor" shows are quite in same category as Wrestling *shudder*, I do have to agree with a good portion of what you say although I'm not sure that it's for the same reasons. There's a whole big psychological element to these "real" shows that (obviously) the producers of them don't highlight. Let's be honest, what someone does when they *know* that they're being watched is a whole different ball game from what they'd do if they new they were not being "watched". I think that's why shows like "Real World" and "Big Brother" keep the group together for a while. I believe that they people that put the shows together believe that given enough time, all of the "masks" of all of the participants will come off. Will they? I don't know. Maybe that's something that can only be answered on a person by person basis. Psychologically speaking *all* of us have a persona that we show to the outside world at first glance. It's not sneaky or underhanded. It's (ironically) survival. We let the ~mask~ slip a little more each time we become {{{closer}}} to those in our sphere of reference. Letting the mask slip is directly related to the issue of trust. Human nature is such that we rarely let anyone into our "inner sanctum" unless we know that we will be safe with them there.

Of course that's just a general overview. There are undoubtedly some that will *never* let their guard down just as there are some that are scarily so innocent that they seem to have *no* defenses at all.

Oh well! That's my ~take~ on the matter!

Thank you for the nice words about being back. It's nice to ~be~ back! *S*


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