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hey rs what use barristers doing now? Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu pat ----

may i add please -----

your story was great reading. i had and still have a simular experience.... my daughter graduated from a college on long island expecting to go onto law school. i was looking forward to her becoming an attorney. however she changed her mind after watching me in action at public hearings and before the circuit court and later the appeals court. no i did not practice, i was doing the amicus currie thing. (this puter ain't spelling it rite again) anyways, her comment was i do not want to have to go against you at any kind of hearings.

what she said was i was crazy to take on the establishment with some very good ethical lawyers. yes the lawyers i was up against did not do one thing unethical that i could see or even thing about. i beat em fair and square at their game by listening to them and using their own guidelines and the law.

she is not a paralegal in a real estate firm, managing the other paralegals. i am just as proud of her now and i am today.

rs --- my intent was not to insult you but to let you know that there are a few crazys out there not just in your profession, but mine and just like to poke fun.


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