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hey rs what use barristers doing now? Pat O'Shaughnessy patos Bob,
Most of us like to torment but no-one likes to be the tormentee. LOL

Probably first law of the jungle.

I got my way with one of the baby bells after fighting with their legal team about 12 yrs. ago. After consulting with my sister who has been admitted to bar in NY and Penn. She advised me to settle and not to fight it. I didn't listen and not only proved I was right got free advertising for a year. When she later asked me how much my lawyer charged me I spouted "I didn't use one I should have been a lawyer and I never even finished college". She looked me dead in the eye and said "Pat you could never be a lawyer;lawyers have ethics they have to abide by. You have ethnics".

I think she called me a drunk in a lawyerly sort of way
Should I sue? LOL

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