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Safe Kabooms to you all,Islanders! Dave Troland trollman Yes, plenty of birds. Indigenous to Staten Island is the Resin Flamingo, which is often seen motionless next to a statue of the Virgin Mary or a ceramic Pancho Villa. Sociologists are attempting to determine why this bird selects homes with a mean income of under $30,000 to roost.

Another species is the Asphaltus Gullus, a large billed white bird which for some unknown reason flocks to parking lots rather than the ocean. Perhaps french fries or Blimpie crumbs don't fare well at sea.

As to the box turtle, his last known residence was Perth Amboy (1938 census) so technically he is not a Staten Island resident. I contacted a snail who knew the turtle, and I asked him if he he knew what prompted the turtle's migration. He didn't know - he told me it all happened so fast.


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