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hey rs what use barristers doing now? Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu seems some o yo colleagues are a bit hi on sometin eh? i can't believe this article i just read. watta ya tink? we let da monkeys ware white wigs, black robes and hold a hammer in da court????/

rich (with affection of course)

Who Wears the Monkey Suit?
Are the Courts Going Bananas?
Fox News

Anyone who's been to the zoo knows orangutans, gorillas and other great
apes are intelligent, playful and sometimes act like people. But now a
team of lawyers is trying to prove apes should have the same rights as
their evolutionary cousins - Homo Sapiens. Being a person "is a legal
term," said Steve Ann Chambers, a Seattle-based attorney who's also the
president of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. "It just means you have
interests that deserve to be protected."

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