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Fleecing of America Dan Blaine DBLIVIT On 07/05/2000 8:34:00 AM, MadameT wrote:
>You know, its funny, but I
>always thought we (the U.S.)
>were the only ones with
>illegal immigrant problems
>until I went to Italy to visit
>relatives. They have a huge
>influx of eastern Europeans
>and north Africans. And you
>know what? They're the ones
>that take the jobs nobody else
>wants. They work at
>McDonalds, they wash dishes,
>mop floors, whatever is
>necessary to support their
>I have more of a problem with
>Americans who remain
>unemployed and expect the
>government to take care of
>them; who do NOT encourage
>their children to go to school
>and make a better life for
>themselves; who think they're
>too good to work at McDonalds
>or to wash dishes at the diner
>or pick fruit, etc.

Along the German/French border in the Alsace region they have a problem every year getting workers to harvest their asparagus crop. The migrant workers from eastern Europe are only too glad to do this stoop labor.

But the German government didn't see it that way...they issued a proclamation that no crop could be harvested unless the work force was at least 75% German. To supply these people they went to the unemployment offices and told the people (german nationals) that they could not get their dole unless they went out and worked the crops. Without exception, every German who went out there did not work more than one day, then put in for disability and workman's comp in ADDITION to the unemployment money they were now going to receive. The German government remained obstinate and told the farmers that they still could only use 25% non-german nationals to harvest their crop. Consequence: most of last year's asparagus crops rotted in the fields. This year there was no "75% german" rule.

I'll bet the same thing would happen in the U.S. if we tried to force those on the dole to go out do the jobs the illegal migrants are doing now. DAN BLAINE

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