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Fleecing of America Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs We're a big magnet for people.

It's the economy. We got it, they don't.

Must be something like it was in the days of the Roman Empire. The farmers inside the protection of the Empire could grow food and raise families under the protection of the local garrison of legionaires.

The wandering tribes on the other side of the river, wall, or whatever served as a borderland, wanted in.

Try as they might, the Romans couldn't keep them out. One winter the river froze and guess what? It wasn't a border fence any more, it had turned into a bridge, and across they came by the thousands. Nothing anyone could do.

The river was the Rhine. After the crossing of the Volk, it was all over for Rome. 5th century, common era.

Rome tried to co-opt the barbarians for centuries beforehand. Made them soldiers with their own generals. The generals became emperors, with the support of their troops.

There must be a lesson there if we're clever enough to figure out the right one.

Keep 'em out, co-opt them, assimilate them, or hand over the keys.

You figure it out.

It's way too complicated for the likes of me.


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