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Fleecing of America Charles Schleininger corsair In the past 30 years we have seen the
influx of foreign workers, & their families,
pour into this country. As time has gone
on they have impacted all segments of
society. In education we now have
bilingual education. This has created a
whole new education empire that is funded
by Washington, the state & local tax
payers. Each school district receives
funds based upon, other things ,
attendance. the districts don't hesitate to
take in & count illegals. It adds to their

Each morning, during the harvest
season, in Southwest Fresno, vans drive
through the streets picking up people to
work the corporate farms on the west
side. If per chance INS raids one of these
farms the corporation claims immunity in
the fact that these are contracted
laborers. the contractor claims the people
he hires have papers. So the illegals are
sent back to cross another day. The
corporations/contractors are not
arrested/fined. They have too much
political clout.

And so it goes in the sweat shops in LA &
SF. Only these people are from Asia. It
even reaches into the high-tech industry
of Silicon Valley with contract labor from
India. The excuse- our universities are not
turning out enough computer science

Perhaps Pogo said it best: "We have met
the enemy & it is us!"

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