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Got the following as part of an email this may help. Trying to get a better idea of the area during the time frame I lived on the South Shore ('50-'65) with the feeling that these topics will help us all remember our common past.

"I can't "confirm or deny" your theory but there WAS a large building on Bloomingdale near Arthur Kill (maybe two, sort of side by side) on the right, heading towards the Kill. I thought at least one was a bar, but it DID have a large front porch on it. If there WERE two they may have looked an awful lot alike an that's why I can't distinguish. It/they were quite ramshackle as I recall and/or were covered with creosoted shingles. Never went in them and my explorations of that area usually were confined to theeast side of Prasse's Goat Farm and Reinhardt's Tavern. Do you recall JoeBishop's Blacksmith Shop and the Munros' Florist on Woodrow?

Both those buildings are gone and there's a huge PS something-or-other across the street from them now. Opened just this Fall, I believe.Where Prasse's was is a development of hundreds of homes. They go from Bloomingdale to the headwaters of Lemon Creek and from Woodrow to where the Catholic Worker's Farm used to be! There's another huge development along the service road of the West Shore Xway (You'll find that road if you've got a NEW map, o/w you're LOST! It stars at the corner of Sharrotts Road and theXway and goes NE for God-knows-how-far?"

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