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george m cohen ---- C Connelly mcgil Ah Rich, if I remember correctly, I think it was white. I guess I was supposed to be this demure little 4 or 5 year old princess, but alas, I was born with red hair and a temperament to match and no little princess was I. The tutu is long gone -- given to my prissy-always did everything right-cousin, but then, a girl couldn't plie(sp?) to George M. Cohan songs, she had to tap. . . .

H-A-double R-I, GAN spelled Harrigan. (tap tap tap tap) Proud of all the Irish that's a in me, da da da a word a gin me. . . . (tap tap tap tap tap............We fade as the little redheaded non-princess taps her way through the brooks and fields of Westerleigh.

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