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Fleecing of America Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Stan, if I were victimized by illegal immigrants I'd feel the same way you do. The issues you raise in your comments here can be looked at from different perspectives. You're looking at it from the ground-level and some of the others addressing the issue, including me, are looking at it from a more abstract level in terms of national policy.

The new president of Mexico, Fox (can't remember the first name, as yet, it's only been a day or two), states that the policies of both countries are faulty. Fox says the U.S. treats illegal immigration as a police problem, while the Republic of Mexico has wanted an escape valve for about 350,000 departing workers and family, per year. Neither policy is any good.

So Fox wants to talk about creating a "European Community" analog here, that would allow Mexican workers to come here, freely, and U.S. companies to hire them, freely, subject to the relevant rules and regs.

In thinking about the issues you raise, I wondered why we didn't set up an "uninsured motorist" fund, built out of wage with-holding from "guest-workers" perhaps, to give people who've been victimized by uninsured drivers a fund out of which to pay claims.

Why not allow burglary claims also, if the burglar is caught and it turns out to be a foreign national. For that matter, why not a fund that allows a homeowner victimized by a burglary or other crime to put in a claim for the economic value of the out-of-pocket loss regardless of the nationality of the burglar, such as if he's not caught.

In other words, the huge social and political problems could be dealt with via treaty while the foreseeable costs to U.S. individuals could be compensated using specially set up funds.

Right now you are paying the price for the failed policies of two nations. That makes your problem important, especially if you are seen as one of many.

I presume you're rattling the cages of your local, state, and federal legislators to let 'em know you don't like the way they're managing, or not managing, international affairs that have a way of falling in on you.

That's all you can do, I guess.

I suppose rounding up a posse is out of the question. :)


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