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Fleecing of America Stanley J. Singer sjsinger In my previous posts, I tried to indicate how are lives are changed, not for the better, by illegal immigration. It is true the first wave of legal immigrants came in secured legitimate green work cards ana applied for U.S. citizenship. They did take the low paying manual jobs that seemingly no one wanted, mainly because welfare paid more. These people tried to learn the language and gave every indication of adopting the U.S. as their country. These are great and respected citizens and even join us in the condemnation of illegal undocumented workers.

The undocumented Mexicans learning of the good life enjoyed by those who came earlier swarmed across the border in numbers that soon became dangerous. Because they would work for wages under the minimum, OUR UNSCRUPULOUS BUSINESSES began hiring these illegals in great numbers, paying them well under the legal wage limit with no health insurance and no workmen's compensation. They quickly overwhelmed the job market forcing the legitimate immigrants into unemployment and the welfare system.

Crime increased, auto accidents doubled and the illegals carried no insurance. When our police department started ticketing uninsured drivers, LULAC said that we were profiling latins and for political reasons, the citations ceased. I have been personally been involved in three accidents in the last three years. two standing at a red light and one in a parking lot. Each time, the guilty party was an illegal immigrant without insurance and after posting a small bond, he would vanish into Mexico only to return with a new identity.

My home in one of the best neighborhoods in Houston has been burglarized three times in the last five years. Each time, illegal workers working near our home, were the culprits, two fled into Mexico, the third was no billed as he had a family of seven to support. The latter stole a VIP case filled with the medals, citations and special orders that I received from my 38 years in the Air Force Reserve. These are not replaceable. The culprit was caught when his young son went to school wearing my Distinguished Flying Cross and was apprehended by the teacher. Because the family vanished, I am still unable to get the one medal back until the police close the case.

I could go on and on, but I believe I have belabored the point. I am not opposed to legal Immigration just to the swarms of illegals who come across our borders destroying our property and Bankrupting our welfare system.

Stanley Singer

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