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Da Tenors Harry White Harry da Hammer Behind their friendly faces, rumor has it that Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo hate each other's guts. One day they ran into each other at the airport: "Placido, long time no see, how are you?"

"Fabulous, Luciano, I just got back from La Scala, the theatre filled to the brim, and frankly I sang divinely. I had to come out and bow 35 times at the end of the night, and a statue of the Virgin Mary they have next to the stage started crying. How about you, how are your concerts?"

"Oh man, this last concert in New York really was something else. I have never sung better. Full house; arias, canzonettas,
encores...people were going crazy! I had to come out and bow 62 times, and at the end something incredible happened. There was a life-size Jesus next to the stage; He got off his cross and, hugging me, said "Luciano, you really sing beautifully, not like that damn Spaniard who made Mom cry."

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