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Fleecing of America Charles Schleininger corsair The silent economy can be seen east of
town every Monday morning. There is a
flea market that takes up an acre or two.
Stalls are rented. Vendors then sell their
products. The music, smell of the food, &
language could be right out of any square
south of the border. All transactions are
cash. No tax collected. I doubt if any
income is reported. A "gringo" owns &
rents the property. The local police patrol
the area. No signs of INS. A while back it
was suggested that the market be moved
into the east side of town. The reply was:
"We don't want those kind of people
here!" If you or I ran a business that did
not keep track of sales, or collect the
proper taxes ... So who is at fault & why do
the authorities turn the other way?

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