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4th of July Celebrations Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs We had a lovely Fourth in San Francisco.

An all afternoon bike ride along the waterfront, with everyone and his brother out walking, picnicking, jogging, roller blading, biking, and assembling for the fire-works at nightfall.

After picnicking at my place, lotsa fried chicken and potato salad, Rick and I took the Everest Route to Coit Tower and looked out over Alcatraz and beyond (to the left), Sausalito, with it's firework display.

In the foreground of our view was a huge, illuminated, American flag, blowing horizontally in a light breeze. Beyond the flag were the fireworks. Made me wish I'd set up a tripod and camera with loads of color film and time exposure. Next year's project.

Just to make it more intriquing, a mile or two nearer the Golden Gate was a duplicate fireworks display for the crowd gathered at Aquatic Park. What you saw in the sky over Alcatraz was repeated simultaneously at Aquatic Park. Musta had a fast guy with a match setting them off.

Nice peaceful holiday this time around.

My only source of envy was not seeing OpSail 2000 in N.Y. Hahbah. I did see Operation Tall Ships, around 1965, the fore-runner of these tall-ship gatherings. I used the word "regatta" to describe the parade of ships yesterday but my eighteen-year-old, who likes to correct me, along wit' youse, told me "regatta" means "race" not "gathering of boats" so we had to drop everything and look it up. He was right. Italian word, gondola race, Venice. Drat!

"I know I'm not articulating this properly." Sipoet said that. I liked that. Poets wrestling with language, trying not to get pinned. Sometimes you gotta squirm before you geddit right. Also liked the educated use of "youse."

We're making progress, making StatNislandese da Lingua Franca, da King's English, of da Five Boroughs, we don't watch out.


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