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4th of July Celebrations Marguerite Rivas sipoet Madame T, and all youse guys,

I, too had a wonderful day. I drove down to Richmond Terrace thinking that I wouldn't get anywhere near a spot where I could see Op-sail. Boy was I wrong. I actually got a parking space on the Terrace and there in front of me was one of the most beautiful sights! The harbor filled with boats of all sizes, shapes. The John F. Kennedy was right in front of us. It was, foggy and overcast, but that just added to the enjoyment for me. The scene was so impressionistic, painterly, graceful. The juxtaposition of the old ships and the new gave me this incredible trans-temporal experience. For me, Madame T, the most exciting thing, by far, one of the most visually arresting experiences that I have ever had was the flyover of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber.

Imagine, here I am standing on Richmond Terrace looking toward Manhattan. The bay in front of me is filled with watercraft, including a ferry moored out a bit. There are tall ships, small, old ships, pleasure craft, a navy aircraft carrier so you have this weird sense of time anyway. I mean it would be like looking at a crowd of people in a park and some of them are dressed like pilgrims, some like flappers, some like colonials, some like hippies, some like be-boppers, you get the idea. Anyway, I'm looking out at all of this and all of a sudden, my husband looks toward the west and says, "Oh wow, it's coming, it's coming." The next thing I know floating, I swear it looked like it was floating above this scene is what looks like a two-dimensional, jet black, flying triangle. It looked like something from outer space. It looked like a UFO over the harbor and the way it was flying was like straight up and down, so the whole of its wings were displayed facing us. I know I'm not articulating this properly.

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