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george m cohen ---- Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu well a lazy day for me today. i am not hosting a bbq this year due to family issues. however i am spending time preparing a specal mean for the mrs.

anyways, i was flipping around the tube today and came across an old, old, really old movie called, yankee doodle dandy starring jimmy cagney.

for those of you who may not know about this movie it is about george m cohen, one of the greatest world war one and thereafter music composers.

i remember being introduced to his music while at ps 44 in mariners harbor. albert quinn was the eighth grade teacher. i was in the sixth grade and just started taking accordian lessions. mr. quinn put on a real type of broadway show every year using us kids in school to do the singing, playing and whatever.

well this one year the show was devoted to george m cohen. fantastic music.

now i am getting ready to put in a tape on the glenn miller story.

oh yea, i ain't old enuf for world war one or world war two. i came around --- sorta of --- after wards.

so i guess i am still wet behind the ears for some folks.


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