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Fleecing of America Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu my goodness, what a way ta celebrate the fourth of july.

ok let me see if i can calm some of this down just a tad. it's getting to heavy for me and my typing taint as good as it usedta be.

anysays, stan, you have a major point. i totally agree with it. however, the solution you offer may, and i say may, not be the best way to handle the problem. rs has a good idea along with patos. enforce the laws we now have, tax the mexican worker just like the american worker. pay them a decent salary. the big corps are reaping millions, maybe billions of dollars and sticking it to all of us hard workers.

oh yea, all three of you missed one major point in this debate --- the american indian. maybe that can be another subject to discuss at a future date.

all of you -- have one for me will ya ---- take it easy, enjoy the day and as i am doing --- thanking god for this great country despite some of the dirty politics.


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