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Fleecing of America Pat O'Shaughnessy patos I agree with Bob we don't need more laws we need the ones we have that make sense to be enforced and repeal the idiotic ones. Pay the migrants a decent wage and tax them. Bob has said he doesn't understand the Irish problem and I'll agree with him he doesn't it is not a Catholic/Protestant thing. The loyalists (primarily Protestants are English immigrants (descendants) who want to be part of England the nationalists are primarily Catholics who want Irish rule. The (illegal) Mexicans are descendants of a people who had their land stolen from them years ago and now are not allowed to live or work in the same land their ancestors once owned.(Similar to what happened to the Irish) Most farms are owned by big corps. They should be forced to pay a descent wage and the taxes involved to support the services their workers use.
(Most people don't pay taxes their employers do. Unless your self employed you don't make deposits monthly) As far as sending money back home that's the way it has worked for centuries no need to change now. Let the Mexicans come in document them and make them part of the system if they break the law send them home and bar them from entry again it would be less costly and more humane

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