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Fleecing of America Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Fact is, Stan, we do have laws to control the abuses.

Employers can be fined for employing undocumented aliens. Result: A whole printing sub-industry for the manufacture of forged documents used to obtain immigration benefits.

NAFTA: according to an analysis I read in the paper the other day, NAFTA was promulgated in this country to insure that the big lenders wouldn't get ruined by the Mexican economy tanking yet again. They've had several catastrophic currency devaluations. NAFTA, according to the article (can't remember who or where), revved up the maquiladora program, whereby U.S. companies (and other foreign companies) are encouraged (by the Mexican gov't and the almighty dollar) to set up their manufacturing plants just over the border into Mexico. No minimum wage, no laws against polluting air, water, no health and safety laws for the workers, no social security, no nuthin' but the daily wage. A rice and beans salary. So over the border they come.

My own ancestors came over the border from Europe to StatNisland for much the same reasons. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if it turned out they fudged a little bit on one question or another. They got here. Thank goodness. Whatever it took to do it, I'm glad they did it.

At the time, the turn of the century and before, the folks on both sides of my family weren't looked on with a lot of favor. About the same as the Mexicans today, I would guess. Let's see, Irish from the potato famine, and Jews from Central Europe. Less appreciated than the Mexicans, as I think of it.

So I tend to think twice before recommending laws that would tell a whole group that they're not welcome or should go home where they belong. In the case of the Mexicans, they might just tell us to return Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico (they were here before us and owned them) and then we won't have to worry about them not paying taxes or not having car insurance.

Looks to me like we bought into certain consequences when we took over a borderland populated by people who just seem to like it there and want to have their friends pop over for a little visit and some work to support their families.

Hey, if I needed work to support a wife and kids, do you think I'd give an invisible border a lot of consideration? I think I'd hop the fence and find the work and screw those who don't like it. I've got kids to raise.

Now it just may be that the good folks in Washington, D.C., realize that they don't want to come down too heavy since both countries need the workers to be here earning the few bucks that they earn. So they go lightly when enforcing the law. Maybe they look the other way until they can't do that any more, such as at the border. La Migra rarely looks the other way. But their enforcement program re: undocumented employment may be under-funded. Intentionally, I would suspect.

Okay, Stan, take it easy. Tell your cronies to check out the bigger picture. Don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water.


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