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Fleecing of America Stanley J. Singer sjsinger Jr.Corsair, RichLeDieu, fawcawnahs,

Your comments are well taken but in my posting, all I was stating was one side of the many sided complaints against illegal immigrants and trying to show the attitude of Mexican Nationals and The Mexican Government in reaping the largesse of American welfare.

The blame for all of this lies with four distinct groups. First the corrupt, and oppressive Mexican Government who have defied human rights and the laws of both Mexico and the United States. Their record for intimidation, bribery and outright murder is well documented. Secondly the blame must lie on our Governments from Federal to local governments who allow the Mexican illegal to defy the laws of the land in which they are living illegally and from which they can vanish into Mexico when American authorities finally arise to seek punishment. Third, the blame lies with our corporations right down to small business operators who employ these illegals defying the law of our land. The employers do not have to pay F.I.C.A., income tax, insurance or work men's compensation. The pay checks are cashed in local Mexican store fronts who charge an exorbitant fee and do this outside the laws of the U.S. Fifty percent of the money is shipped into Mexico to bolster that countries economy. Finally the blame must be put on ourselves, the people who hire these people as nannies, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc. pay less than the minimum wage thereby forcing black labor out of the trades in which they were becoming adept and were complying with our laws. I guess GREED is the underlying position of our people. They do not realize that when we pay for busing school children to school 60@ of those bussed are illegals.(we pay the Taxes) Our schools are 40% illegals and must be taught by bi-lingual teachers and we pay the Taxes.

Because of their low pay, illegals drive in unsafe, uninsured and unlicensed cars and trucks. Who pays for their accidents which are many.

Are jails are full of drug users from Mexico and criminals who defy our laws.

Nafta is a one way street, we accept goods and material from Mexico tax free, but Mexico has placed so many restrictions on imports that local business are bitter and have elected to withdraw from commerce with Mexico.

My solution, recognize the situation, enforce the laws of our country even to prosecuting our own good citizens, insist that Mexico live up to its treaties despite the hue an cries of the Latino population, increase the presence of a determent to crossing the border (we insure the borders of Bosnia, why not Texas and Arizona) and pass new and more enforceable laws governing immigration and give these laws the ability to be enforced. I am not advocating the end to Mexican immigration to the U.S. but to its control.

My tirade is finished. Its is not personal but reflects my ideas and a great many of my frustrated friends and neighbors.

Stan Singer

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