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Fleecing of America Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu stan, you have made some good points. however, i believe fawcawnahs has also made some good points. i for one however believe these immigrants are needed in this country since all of out anchesters were immigrants to begin with. the only natives to this great land of ours are the native american indian. by the way, this is the only group of people in this country i agree should use american in their ancestrial title. irish-american, italian- american, canadian-american, african-american --- etc. are all improper and un-american as far as i am concerned.

i am fortunate to have --- a small part-- american indian in my blood. but no matter, i am an american first --- at all times. my ancestors --- french, and german, are secondary yet important.

i believe some of the mexican imigrants are abusing our welfare system, so are many other groups in this country. however, the immigrants from mexico or other areas of latin american are willing to do the work many of us are no longer interested in doing.

and yes, i will remember the fourth of july for what it is intended -- freedom our fore fathers gave their life for.


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