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Da Hazzards of Nest Building Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu harry,

well now ya done gone an dood it --- ya went an got ya ribs all banged up. i hope ya didn't damage da rafters non? after all they are gonna be needed ta hold up da roof.

anyways, i agree wit rs, ya gotta get da yungins up on da roof ta do da hard work....

couple months ago -- before we had lunch tagetter --- i was on my off cleaning up da gutters and taking debris off. well i was smart enuf ta have a safty rope around my waist cuz i don't like heights an all. well i dun slipped and if it werent fer da rope i wudda gone over da side --- the highest side and probably damaged da side walk.

oh well, take care, relax -- an have some caugh medicine sos ya don't caugh too much and hurt ya ribs.


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