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Fleecing of America Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs The interesting thing about the citizens of Mexico who cross the border to the U.S. is that they come here to work. They accept jobs requiring heavy labor that no U.S citizen will accept. Picking, stoop labor, dirty jobs, animal wrangling, etc.

Then they send the money home to support their kids.

I think we are getting the benefit of the best people in Mexico, the cream of the crop, people who work, willingly. They cross deserts to work.

The hotel and restaurant industry in California couldn't function without Mexican dishwashers, busboys, food preparers, room cleaners, etc.

Our farms couldn't function without cheap Mexican labor. It's been going on for decades. Conservative business interests wouldn't have it any other way.

On balance, which is better, to keep these good people out to avoid the inevitable abuses, or to let them in to make their contribution, where the benefit outweighs the burden.

I suppose your answer depends on how you weigh the various factors. I wouldn't write off these good people, any more than I'd ignore our own need to rely on them.

Stan, don't take my writings personally or as personal disagreement. I think it's important to put some opinions on the board to keep the discussion going. Often I'm quoting, and I note that when I do. I invite the reactions, especially the qualifications and disagreements. How else are we going to shed light on anything unless we look at it from various viewpoints. Otherwise we get joke lists and the Pillsbury Doughboy for the umpteenth time around.


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