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Fleecing of America Stanley J. Singer sjsinger Yesterday the people of Mexico and the United States elected a new president ending a long rule by incumbent party. I included the people of the United States as voting places were set up on the Mexican side of the border where Mexican Nationals living in the U.S. could vote. From Houston, hundreds took advantage of the opportunity to vote. Despite all precautions, it was not a democratic vote as we Americans are familiar with.

The president elect in a speech about two weeks ago, broadcasted on all the Mexican American stations stated that there were 20 million Mexican Nationals living in the United States and that annually hundreds of millions of American Dollars were sent to Mexico bolstering their economy. He also demanded that the border between Mexico and the United States be opened to all migration so that more Mexicans can enter the U.S. freely and double the amount of money sent to Mexico by these Nationals.

The president elect also stated that there were 11,000 births in American Charity Hospitals in the border states of which more than 75% were Mexican. He further urged that Mexican Women take advantage of this charity and seek the advantages of the American charities.

The argument that most pay American Taxes is ill-founded as they pay no F.I.C.A. or income taxes but merely the sales tax on purchases that they make. This is taken from a study by UT.

Now I know why my taxes have risen so sharply over the years, and after working and saving for all these years, we are supporting not only ourselves (barely) but people who live on welfare and never intend to become members of our country.

Fawcorners says we are a nation that is feared, I say we are a nation of patsies.

Tomorrow is the Fourth and I for one would like to reiterate my independence.

Stan Singer

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