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Tunnel Busters - CDR T. Atkinson, USN (RFet.) John Ritter JR On 07/02/2000 8:52:00 PM, FawCawnahs wrote:
>I bet a guy a hundred bucks I
>could squeeze a good answer
>out of you if I phrased the
>question right.
>Looks like I won.

Being a professional asker of questions you should always be able to do that. As I no longer have my Blacks dictionary or my crinibal law, evidence and procedures texts I hope my answer was relevant.

For fun the LSO's used to take me out to what is termed the platform for the recovery's. We had a shoot to jump into that went down to the next deck in case they missed the deck in our direction. Never had to use it. For the surface warfare qualification we had to know to a mid-level of detail how everything on the ship worked. Almost like submarine qualification but a much bigger boat.

I am sure you saw the big ships like the Enterprise, Carl Vinson and Abe Lincoln that were based in Alameda along with San Francisco's favirote's the Coral Sea, Hancock and Ranger.


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