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If only the choice "Today's Messages" on the More Options page could be reset to be the "Messages Last 30 Days" it would be almost as nice as reading posts on the old web site.

Many people have told me that the reason they don't post too often is because they join late night and feel that it is useless to post late when the board is only gonna reset at midnight and many people wont get to read the post unless they take the time to dig through the Conferences which is time consuming to say the least.

This board is great and viewed by current and former Staten Islanders around the world taking in many time zones...soooo if someone on the "Left Coast" posts at 8:55 pm their time the post will only be in the "Today's Messages" area for about 5 min. before the Web Board resets according to EST which would be 9:00 pm on the Left Coast but Midnight on the "Right Coast"

Another suggestion would be to have an "Archive" choice on the More Options page so people could easily read all the wonder back posts that were on the Original Gathering & NosTrivia pages.... c'mon U can do it cause you're the GREATEST :))

Please consider making the change Mr. Webmaster :))

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