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Da Hazzards of Nest Building Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs I'd ask if da broken ribs hurt, but figure you'll say, "Only when I laugh."

Old StatNisland form of expression I usta hear a lot.

I thought I wuz the only one who did things like I was still nineteen.

I took out the "dumb" between "did" and "things" on the theory that you must not go gentle...

You'll just hafta be more careful next time, Harry, and watch your step.

Or, the California tradition has it that you go down to the nearest intersection and hire a coupla Mexican laborers who do the job in no-time flat better than you can do it yourself. They may have no intersections in your part of the woods, but I'll bet you can find a few guys who can sling a hamma,' Old Scout.

I know, yer wife already told you this.

Asi es la vida.


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