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Tunnel Busters - CDR T. Atkinson, USN (RFet.) John Ritter JR From a mile down the final bearing and 2500 ft of altitude it looks like a postage stamp, one of the small ones. From the first really reliable visual cue at about 3/4 of a mile to touchdown is about 10 sec. with less than 400 ft. to stop vs. an airport that has an 11,000 ft. runway that is standing still. Yea standing still, as for the carrier its moving at about 20-35 knots and also moving in pitch, yaw and roll depending on the seas. Lets also put in another factor ya get three tries and then sent to the beach (alameda or Moffett field if ya got the fuel left to get there) also everyone of your contempories are watching your approach and officially grading the approach and landing. The put stress monitors (ekg type devices on F-4 pilots in vietnam, the night landings were more stressful than any of the combat!

The JANES fighting ships F-18 simulator that I have has a slightly easier landing process. With two months of practice my acceptable boarding rate is less than 30%. And I used to fly.

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