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Da Hazzards of Nest Building Harry White Harry da Hammer Da Hammer is hurting. As many of you know I'm building a nest in da West for my chickadee and me. A tough job for a old bird but very rewarding. We are/were making great progress. Have da place all framed in, da rafters are up and we been putting da sheeting on da roof. Had almost all of da sheeting nailed down when I stepped on a loose piece and fell. I was lucky, did not fall off of da roof, but I did fall on da rafters. Landed on my back and broke a few ribs. Broken ribs is very painful and dey sure keep ya from flying. Dis happened a week ago and I'm feeling better but it will be at least 2 weeks before I will be back to nest building. Da doctor has given me a good supply of muscle relaxers and pain killers which take da edge off of da pain. Fortunately for me getting to dis site and making a post or two does not irritate da ribs so I can log on and irritate all of youse guys.
Harry da Hurten

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