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HEY! DJ how'd the move to the 'Left Coast' go Diane J DJ Lost Hey G, Thanks!!!!

Well, computers have been up since the first day we got here, LOL, true computer nerds!!! LOL

But our DSL is still not up... so I can only dial in every once in a while, and I don't have a modem on my computer, so I am using the husbands!!! LOL.... That's why i only pop on now and again.... I sure miss you guys!!!!!!!

But the phone company promises that our DSL will be up and running on friday so I will be back to bust everyones b@lls then !!! LOL... I bet you all can't wait... ROFLOL

I am so glad to be out of TX!!!!!!!

I still miss NY, but well, Washington is enuf to make a girl happy!!!!

Thanks for the welcome back!!! Made me smile!

Later, DJ

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