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Canadians Freda Gee Hurricane41 Hello Rich and Harry,

Appreciate that Staten Islanders are still friendly. I had a tough time at first when coming to Florida....back in the late 50's us New Yorkers weren't liked here but now that we have come in droves...they gotta love us or is it just our $? ha!

Where do you now live and why did you leave the Island?

I lived on West Raleigh Ave., West Brighton (as close to the Barrett Park Zoo as possible without being inside). My father owned Maibauer Pharmacy on Richmond Ave. I have met one person that I knew from SI on this web; have told many ex-Islanders about the web. When those days back yonder creep up on me (the wonderful memories) I can always turn on de computer and get on the S.I. Web and feel good. Thanks to all you wonderful islanders! Gina! sorry to miss the S.I. Reunion this year - had a wonderful time in 1999. Keep up the great web for us all.

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