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Declaration of Independence Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs On 07/01/2000 7:38:00 AM, Gina wrote:

[I]n my estimation General William
>Howe & his bro Adm. Lord Richard Howe
>were on & around StatNisland soooooooooo
>much that there is the very strongest
>possibilities that Gen. William Howe did
>read the Declaration of Independence at
>the old Rose & Crown farm-house in New
>Dorp - I don't think it was a quiet &
>secret reading - I think it was read in
>a bold and informative way to reinforce
>the right & goals of the independence
>that were in their future.

This doesn't compute.

Why would British generals seek to "reinforce the right and goals of the independence that were in their future" when they were opposed to it.?

I'm sure they read the Declaration, but it wasn't in a bold and informative way; more like, "Okay, we're in for it now unless we stamp out these bloody upstart colonials and teach them who their master is."

According to one of your hotlinks to an early SI history, patriot soldiers attacked British soldiers at the Watering Place (Tompkinsville)on July 9, 1776. British or Hessian troops were bivouacked near Clove Lake, I was told as a kid by people who had a tree in the backyard with carvings in the trunk from them. Didn't see it with my own eyes, unfortunately. Neighboring the Smith place at Victory and Clove. Name of Pierrard. Friends of Dad. Wonder what the place looks like now. Used to visit as a kid. Old farmhouse, property overgrown with trees. Set back from Clove.

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