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DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE & OUR FOUNDERS BIO'S Gina * Gina Proud To Be an American...I am :) and U should be too.
We in The United States Of America have the GREATEST foundation of all...

Curious about the post #1 of this thread entered by PowTown?
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The Declaration of Independence:
IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration
of the thirteen united States of America...


Short Biographies Our Founding Fathers - The Signers...all 56 of em

BUT were there 103 Foundling Fathers?

PBS has an outstanding website about their series of six one-hour documentaries...
LIBERTY! The American Revolution

*FawCawnahs will ya please let us know if ya find anthing about the Rose & Crown farm-house in the bios - I'm curious too :)



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