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DO ANY OF YOU REMEMBER? Lee Shake Bear Add...
Playing "Ringalevio," hide-n-seek with different rules for daytime and after dark, Cowboys & Indians or cops & robbers.

Catching lightening bugs and putting them in a mason jar with a screw-on lid with holes punched in the top so the bugs could breath. Did your parents or grand parents pay you a penny for each one you caught?

Did you hold one between your thunb and finger and wait until it flashed and quickly crush it? The flash stayed lit and you could then smear it on your clothing or body and run around in the dark, glowing. Yeah, but as kids, we didn't understand "Yuck" yet.

When TV first went on the air, there was only one station that could be received in Great Kills. It was Channel 5, WKBD. Who remembers where the Transmitting Station was located? Who remembers, "Captain Video and the Video Rangers?"

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